Angular – HostListener

@HostListener is Angular’s decorator method that’s used for listening to DOM events on the host element of both component and attribute directives. @HostListener sets the listeners once the directive is initialized and removes them automatically once the directive gets destroyed.

Angular Interceptor

Interceptors provide a mechanism to intercept and/or mutate outgoing requests or incoming responses. They are very similar to the concept of middleware with a framework like Express, except for the frontend. Interceptors can be really useful for features like caching and logging.

Angular – Use of route resolver

One way to deal with getting and displaying data from an API is to route a user to a component, and then in that component’s ngOnInit hook call a method in a service to get the necessary data. While getting the data, perhaps the component can show a loading indicator. There’s another way however using […]

Angular – Authentication and Authorization.

The user login credentials are passed to an authenticate API, which is present on the server. Post server-side validation of the credentials, a JWT (JSON Web Token) is returned. The JWT has information or attributes regarding the current user. The user is then identified with the given JWT. This is called authentication. Post logging-in successfully, […]