How to create angular2 project ?

Please follow below steps for create angular2 project: Step 1. Set up the Development Environment (Install the angular-cli globally) npm install -g @angular/cli Step 2. Create a new project (my-app is the project name) ng new my-app Step 3: Serve the application cd my-app ng serve –open

Developing and Building an angular 2 project

Start angular2 application by using Typescript. Before start for angular2 make sure you have node.js and npm installed in your system. Official website for npm related information visit npm site. After successful installation of npm we need to install some typescript from below command. npm install -g typescript We need typescript knowledge before start angular2 […]

What Is Angular?

Angular is a structured framework which is used to develop dynamic web pages. Angular reuse the HTML components and perform operations on that. Angular have some features like data binding and dependency injection which eliminate much of the code which you would to write.